Copyright 2013 Vardan Aslanyan

 Seeing dreams are endless source of inspiration for me. My works are connected to my experience of dreaming. These are attempts to organise the chaotic images I see on the screen of my consciousness when I am asleep.


 Dream is a window to different dimensions for me. In the dream everything is different – the time, the space, the rules of physics are completely different from the reality. This is a mysterious world functioning with its own rules, logic, sensations and images. Over thousands of years the human being goes to this world to spend the half of his life there and yet doesn’t understand how it functions. Many philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists have tried to explain the unknown mysteries of our dreams. They offer so many theories and scientific works yet it feels there is no finish on this journey.  


 As an artist I am more interested in the visual side of the dream rather than the interpretation. I am especially interested to explore two of the stages of the dreaming. First is the one called REM when the sleeper may experience vivid dreams.  The second is called NREM 3, which is the deepest stage of the sleep. Only on this stage the sleeper may experience the most stormy emotions and sometimes the strangest phenomenons such as night terrors and sleepwalking. It is very hard to work and experiment on this stage of sleep because almost everything is being instantly forgotten when the person wakes up. I have been trying to collect the remnants of my memories to restore the images I saw in dreams.


 Sleep is a special laboratory for me where the matters or the mental materials mixing with each other, creating new images and shapes. Here the memories are coloured, the sensations have geometrical shapes and the time has layers. These three factors are the base that I use to create my works.